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So For Real Ask Yourself…
Should you blog? Or post? Or network? Or do a little of everything

I know. I know. 
We hate to admit that there’s things we need help with as small business owners.
But- WE ALL DO. 

So- tell me if this sounds like you…
  • ​You want to grow your business SO fucking much, but can’t figure out how
  • ​You feel like you’re going nuts with all you have to think about everyday
  • ​You know online marketing could help you, but don’t have the time to piece it all together or figure out what is working.
  • ​You are sick of STRUGGLING while these teenagers are out here making millions on Instagram
Now if any of these things resonate with you, I can help. 

Why?  Because I was in the same spot about 2 years ago.  

Like woof, bad-situation broke. 

Ya see, I had lots of health problems that were making my life pretty fucking miserable. 

I felt terrible, had no time, was getting paid crap and then on top of that, I was eventually forced to quit my job because of it all.

So I did….but…momma didn’t raise no quitter.

A few days later I declared “I am going to start a small business!”

And man, It was EXCITING. I couldn’t stop smiling. No matter what the world threw my way, I was going to be something.

& guys…from that day forward…I made millions!! 

(Just Kidding.)
My story didn’t just magically get better. 
I went into debt...farther and farther until I wanted to cry.

& I realized two good lessons through it:

1. Some people are totally full of crap.
The online world is filled with promises and systems and misinformation about what works. 

2. Making money online requires a lot more than a few social media posts and a dream.
I had to actually learn, weed through the garbage and find the solutions that would work for me.
So what did I do?
Well…I read, I studied, I took courses, I stayed up till 2, woke up at 6…I truly worked my ass off and LEARNED.

And then..yes…finally…(drumroll please)

They came. 
The clients, the money, the freedom, everything that I needed in order to finally fucking relax a bit & focus on myself for once.

Now after that, I decided that I wanted to explain all these tricks and tactics to others.
BUT I wanted to do it in a way that people could ACTUALLY understand and put to work for them.

That is why we created an easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement set of three steps for you to follow.
To actually stand out among your competition, you need to have a brand that is DIFFERENT. You need to be able to define what makes you special and more importantly, why people should actually care.  
In our technology-filled world, a filing cabinet full of documents and a poorly written Facebook page wont get you very far. You NEED the right software in place to automate your biz and connect with your audience. 
Even with the best brand and most killer software, you still have to be able to actually get your ideas in front of your ideal customers. You need to understand how to attract the right people and do it in a way that feels natural. 
Ready to start learning and getting your biz REAL results?
Now don’t get me wrong, this basic framework actually works, but this isn’t a cake-walk… 

There are dozens of concepts to learn, a variety of software’s to implement and a lot of ideals that you will need to breakthrough in order to make this all work.
So- DISCLAIMER: if you’re looking for the easy way out and you just want some magical system to make all your dreams come true…
The truth?
You will never find it & never be successful online.

If you are ready to learn and spend the time to actually IMPLEMENT what you learn… It is fucking powerful.
& guys, you CAN.  

You can watch all 25+ videos in this course.
You can put aside the time for yourself to learn and grow. 
You can follow along and discover your inner brand that inspires you.
You can understand all the digital strategies and make them work for you. 
You can create a business that excites you again and is everything you wanted it to be.
Now, how would that feel?
How would it feel to get results like this in your business? vvv
“Disrupt Ordinary Marketing goes above and beyond for their clients! When working with their team I was always kept in the loop and felt that they cared about the marketing and advertisements as much as I did! I would highly recommend Disrupt Ordinary Marketing to anyone who is looking to grow their business online!” 
Blake Starling
Starling Media Group
“Christina & her team at Disrupt Ordinary Marketing are knowledgeable, experienced strategists. I have listened to workshops presented by Christina with local Small Business Development Centers to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She is a valuable, professional resource for anyone who needs assistance with social media marketing, branding, and much more!”
Megan Ernst
Small Business Development Center- Staten Island
“So happy I took this course!! It gives you real insight into what it is like to build an online business from scratch. There are no shortcuts, no special secrets, just information based on real experience. This was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in building a successful business online.” 
Catrina Darcy
Creations By Catrina
So how can YOU do this?

How can you bring your business to new heights without emptying your bank account?
Think about it... 
You are only a few clicks away
from a business that you LOVE! 
Your Investment: One payment of $297.
Here's How This Course Will Take You From Dreading Your Work To Loving It
We walk you through defining every element of your business brand so you can stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of your audience. We will show you how to:
• Get crystal clear on what you you sell and how you can create a perfect core offer to accentuate that. 

• Define your ideal customer and create marketing messages that speak to them.

• Create all of the brand visuals you'll need to spark attention and make your brand look consistently beautiful. 
We outline all of the online platforms that you will need in order to be successful online and how you can  create/automate them all. Some aspects we will focus on are:
• How to develop your core platforms in a way that actually converts instead of wasting your money. 

• What internal systems you will need to stay organized in your business and make sure leads dont fall through the cracks.

• How to integrate everything effectively so it works together to bring you success.  
Once your brand and systems are ready to go, we will teach you the fundamental strategies you need to actually get in front of your ideal audience and begin making more sales!
• Where your audience is looking and how to show up so they find your company. 

• The fastest and easiest way to get in front of the exact customers you are looking for and draw them in.

• The best way to create a marketing plan that fits your needs, how to track what is working and how to keep improving to bring your biz the best possible results.   
  • 25+ Video Modules to walk you through the fundamental aspects of digital marketing and grow your business
  •  Detailed Course Workbook to help you follow along and make it easy to start taking action
  • Private Facebook Group Access to get support from a community of small business owners just like you
  • Variety Of Free Resources throughout the course to help you learn and implement the steps
The Platform Checklist
 Do you have your social media account(s)? How do you keep track of customers and leads? Is your website live and functional? Our Platform Checklist takes the guesswork out of getting set up and points you to the essential software/platforms you'll need.
The Branding Bundle
Defining your brand is a must before you start marketing full-steam. Our Branding Bundle takes you step-by-step through the vital elements.  Complete these items and you won't get stuck when it comes to audience targeting and creating offers for your marketing campaigns.
The Facebook Ads Cheatsheet
While there are many social media platforms for you to use to market your business, Facebook is by-far the largest and it has a powerful built-in advertising suite. This Cheat-Sheet covers the basics of Facebook Ads and breaks down the main parts involved in building a campaign.
How Does It Work?
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Step Three
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Step Four
Learn the basics, implement the steps, and grow your sales!
Got questions?
We've got answers.
What if I am not making a lot of money from my business yet?
Honestly? Then this is an awesome opportunity for you. This course was not designed for the million dollar business owner who knows the in's & out's of digital marketing. This course was designed for the regular business owner who is great a what they do and looking to get it out in front of more people. While this course is extensive enough to be priced at thousands of dollars, we chose a price point that is super affordable (Less then $300). Why? Because we want to make it available to as many small business owners as possible. No matter how small or large your company is, getting started with these tactics will help you to ease the stress and truly grow. 
What makes this different than other digital marketing courses?
The way that it is organized. There are hundreds of thousands of marketing professionals that make courses and a lot of them are filled with good information. However, when taking a ton of courses ourselves, we realized that there are very few courses that start you from the VERY beginning and explain to you EXACTLY how to start growing your sales. We bring you all the way from understanding how digital marketing works to defining your brand to creating all of the platforms you need to getting yourself in front of your perfect, dream clients. 
Will this help me if I suck at technology?
YES! There are SO many softwares out there now that make it super easy for you to run your business online. And the best part is that they are designed for people who don't have coding experience and who aren't pros in the online space. This course covers which softwares you'll need to reach your goals and how to get started using them to organize and grow your business 
Will this work for me even if I don't have a big following?
This course does not require that you have a big following to find success. One of the biggest misconceptions is that the only way to succeed online it to have a massive following. That is not accurate. This course will show you how to increase your following, but more importantly increase your engagement and interaction with your ideal audience to sell your offer without being super salesy. 
Will I get support throughout this course?
Yes. While this is not a 1 on 1 program, you will still get the support you need. In addition to the hours of video time and handful of helpful freebies, you will get access to our private Facebook group. In this group, you will have the ability to work with like-minded small business owners. You can network, collaborate and ask questions. Our team will also consistently monitor the group to answer questions, interact and provide some weekly tips and tricks to help you accelerate even farther on your journey. 

Christina Treglia- Lartista Designs

"I recently took the Overlooked To Fully Booked course and I couldn't have been happier! This course laid out exactly how I should market my business in a way that was extremely easy to understand. I highly recommend It!"
The internet is a powerful thing-
get ready to let it help you GROW 
Your investment: One payment of $297.
Being an entrepreneur is a scary thing. 

Its scary and lonely and hard and fucking confusing. 

But you know what? I’ve had it with all the CONFUSION.
I am not here to confuse you or leave things out or make it more difficult. 

I am here to explain it all to you in a way that makes sense- a way that opens your eyes to all of the possibilities for you in your business. 

So think about your goals. 

Are you ready for more traffic? More leads? More sales? More freedom?

Whatever the biggest goal is, I am ready to get you there.

I cant wait to meet you soon!